This is a poster design for the fake movie, 'The Princess and the Dragon.' It is cartoonish and animated in style, drawing on inspirations from classic disney films. There are two figures: a black and intimidating dragon in the back whose tail wraps around to the front of the poster, and a princess dressed in a sparkling blue dress who heroically faces the dragon. The dragon is facing the viewer and the princess, while the princess is facing the dragon and away from the viewer. There is fire surrounding them, illuminating the two figures but nothing else. The background is black.  At the top is a tagline in white that says, 'Who said princesses can't fight?' At the bottom is the graphic for the movie title. It is a old-fashioned scroll that says 'The Princess and the Dragon' in blackletter type. The scroll is burnt at the same end that 'the Dragon' is on. Below that is the rating, release date, and movie sponsors.

The Princess and The Dragon

The Princess and the Dragon is a movie based off of a simple animation I did in high school. With a vision of an updated story and better animation, I created a movie poster for it. The process started on paper and became digital as thumbnails were finalized and illustration began. The line art and some textures were achieved by using a Wacom tablet, along with various Photoshop brushes and seperate image textures. Other effects, such as the glow of the fire, were created by using Photoshop's layer styles.