This poster design features a simple minimalist abstract illustration of the artist Vincent Van Gogh. The stylization is based off of the illustrator Noma Bar's works. The only things in the illustration are Van Gogh's hair and beard, his suit, and a stylized illustration of a Sunflower from one of his paintings. The colors are extremely limited with the background being teal, his hair being a solid shade of orange, the black and white of his clothes, and the colors in the sunflower. There is a thin white border behind Van Gogh. At the bottom of the poster is information on the exhibit it is advertising. The typography alternates between the teal in the background and white, helping push the typographical hierarchy to the exhibit name and dates.

Van Gogh Dreams

This poster features a minimalist abstract illustration of Van Gogh. The stylization is inspired by Noma Bar, an illustrator known for unique style. With no actual lines or shapes Van Gogh’s face fades into the background, only implied lines form his face. Instead of any facial features, his eye is replaced by a representation of his Sunflower paintings. The restricted color palette is reminiscent of his paintings. At the bottom of the poster is the information on the exhibit with the museum name, exhibit dates, and location.